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Selected Presentations / Workshops:

Designing the Smart Home for Humans for IXDA Munich, Sept 2017. A discussion of the history of the Smart Home and principles for the design of better experiences in it.

Integrating Design Thinking into a Technology Push Process at the R&D Management Conference 2014. Presentation on Future R&D Workspaces also given at this conference.

The Lund Bike Workshop with the School of Industrial Design in Lund, Sweden. Winner of 2014 DMY Education Award.

Transactive memory and distributed knowledge: implications and opportunities to make digital experiences more memorable A presentation at The Web and Beyond 2012 in Amsterdam. 26 September, 2012.

Transactive Memory and Distributed Knowledge- Can Human Memory and Knowledge Become Better-Connected presented at IXDA Munich on 23 April, 2012.

Enhancing Work and Life With Space Design presented during Fraunhofer Institut IAO's R&D Workspaces 2015+ conference in Stuttgart Germany, Sept 2011, pp 9-10

Selected Publications:

A "bearable" high efficiency building design and Creating the future of textiles: bearable lightness Reviews of a prototype highly energy efficient structure using the bionic principles of polar bear skin. Fabric Architecture Magazine and Specialty Fabrics Review, June 2013.

On the Move Review of an active dynamic Membrane Structure to reduce energy use in Abu Dhabi. Fabric Architecture Magazine, January 2013.

Zusammenarbeit: Collaboration of Frei Otto and Peter Stromeyer, a key collaboration in the invention of modern membrane and tensile architecture. Fabric Architecture Magazine, July 2012.

Building flexibility: Dynamic membrane structures An article about the challenges of designing dynamic Membrane Structures. Specialty Fabrics Review, July 2012.

Adopting Disruptive Innovation An article for the Fraunhofer Institute's F&E Management blog (Forschung & Entwicklung = Research & Development), 13 April, 2010.

GINA Studio course teaches architecture students valuable design lessons an article about using BMW's GINA technology as inspiration for new architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Published 7 December, 2009 in the online version of Fabric Architecture, in the "Expertise" section

The Structure of Imagination and Designing innovative fabric structures," a profile of form-TL  appears on P. 36 of the May/June 2009 print issue of Fabric Architecture Magazine and in Specialty Fabrics Review June 2009.

Networks of Influence, a profile of Dr. Rosemarie Wagner. Appeared on p 36 of the July/August 2008 print issue of Fabric Architecture Magazine, Volume 20, Number 4. The online version appears here.

Tent and Temple A review of the Ehol Jakob Synagogue in Munich Germany. From the July/August 2007 Print edition of Fabric Architecture Magazine.

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